Install a Patient Hoist into Any Room

Hoisting in the most awkward of spaces or strange room layout?

OpeMed can install a patient hoist into any room…

ceiling track hoist solution

As specialists in Ceiling Hoists for Nursing Homes to Domestic or Hospital environments, OpeMed have great exposure to a wide range of room types and sizes.

It is not often straight forward to install Ceiling Hoists and Patient Hygiene Equipment into the desired location- but by no means impossible! This is where our years of experience and expertise in the technicalities of installing hoisting equipment are apparent.

OpeMed custom design a CAD solution for any shape of room and for any budget. We can manufacture any length or curve tracking and we are able to assign ceiling or wall posts to fit into awkward or small spaces.





ceiling track awkward spaces solution by OpeMed


All we need to create a bespoke CAD design are the desired outcomes for the client, the hoisting locations within the room and dimensions of the space. We always aim to accommodate any design preferences and space considerations for wheelchair turning and transfers; part of our ongoing relationship we maintain with our clients.


Recent successful projects completed by our technical team have included fitting a ceiling hoist gantry to a private domestic bedroom with unsupported ceilings (see blog), curved bedroom to bathroom track for a nursing home (see case study) and ceiling track from a 28 bedroom paediatric residential centre with an award winning dual curved roof (see case study here).


For any technical advice on a project you are working on please contact us for no obligation advice.