Independence in Hoisting Equipment

Finding Independence in Hoisting Equipment- Working with OpeMed

As the population gradually lives longer, the needs of individuals become more acute (such as obesity) and there is a desire to stay at home for much longer we need to consider the best form of support and independence.

As a recent article in The OT Magazine explores, there are various situations where a hoist (ceiling or floor) may be the best assistive equipment for providing a great level of care and independence.

Independence in Hoisting EquipmentIndependence in Hoisting Equipment


Situations including:


  1. Trampolining and rebound therapy for sensation and stimulation in muscles (hoist is vital for transfer on and off trampoline)
  2. Hydrotherapy for enhanced movement and muscle stimulation (hoist for safe and comfortable transfer in and out of pool, ability to self-hoist too)
  3. Domestic adaptations for independence around the home (ceiling track and floor hoisting options for transfer and manoeuvrability around the home)

As a leading ceiling hoist manufacturer, we believe that the nature of hoisting is forever changing to adapt and compliment the evolving needs of the user. With a more independent and active user group, the OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist offers the option of 4 function control for full room coverage as well as the option of up to a 400kg load for larger users. The OT200 Compact is also the smallest cassette on the market for a fixed hoist thus making it one of the most aesthetically pleasing pieces of transfer equipment available. We also supply a range of adaptive pool hoists with the option of a chair or spreader bar and as a permanent or removable fixture, see examples here.

Whether the transfer and care equipment is needed for rehabilitation and therapy, for a more independent domestic life or both, OpeMed can provide a free assessment, equipment demonstration and no obligation quotation for any client. See our full product range here for an idea of how we might be able to provide an innovative equipment solution for you.