Hospital in South East Asia installs OpeMed Hoists

OpeMed Installs Ceiling Hoists into Hospital in South East Asia

We are delighted to have won another significant Hospital project in South East Asia. Working with our local partner for over 8 years, OpeMed are proud to be installing over the next 3 months more than 60 hoists in a single Ministry/Department of Health hospital upgrade. 

 Hospital in South East Asia installs OpeMed Hoists - Plan

Our OT200 Ceiling Hoist will be installed into General Wards, Rehabilitation Units, Physiotherapy Departments and Geriatric Wards. These installations will allow for room to room transfer to adjoining assisted bathrooms, giving a safe, efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for patient transfer. 

The OT200 Hoist was chosen due to the unique patented Gravity Charging System that like a hybrid car, charges the batteries whenever the hoist is in use. Used in conjunction with our magnetic gate, transfer doesn’t require carer intervention and is a quick, simple and an effective way of connecting multiple rooms and is ideal for Hospital environments.

Using an OpeMed Ceiling Hoist and Tracking can allow a single caregiver to carry out transfers quickly and efficiently, controlling all of the processes through the hand control. Our solution saves staff time and is always accessible, ready for use and within easy reach for the caregiver.

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 Hospital in South East Asia installs OpeMed Hoists - Ceiling Hoist