Hoist Track Installed Flush in Ceiling

Ceiling Hoist Track in Ceiling

OpeMed Ceiling Hoist Track for optimum aesthetics can be installed flush or embedded in or into the ceiling.

Although care has to be made that ISO10535 and LOLER is not breached, installing the track in the ceiling, particularly for domestic or high end long term care provides a non-evasive installation of the Ceiling Hoist or Overhead Hoist Track.

The discreet OpeMed track, that is one of the smallest tracks on the market, can be fitted with a L shaped flange to allow the ceiling to but up against the track.

If the Ceiling is a plasterboard or MF ceiling the fixings must allow physical inspection (either from above if single story or through an access hatch). If a tile and grid ceiling (as shown above) obviously the tiles can be lifted for inspection.

For more information on flush ceiling hoist track for the OT200 or Portable Ceiling Hoist please contact your Product Specialist.

Ceiling Hoist Track in Ceiling

Flush Ceiling Hoist Track installed in ceiling