Height Adjustable Bath Install Gallery

(Examples of Recent OpeMed Height Adjustable Bath Installations)

A gallery of OpeMed installations of Height Adjustable Baths in Homes, Nursing Homes, Swimming Pools, SEN Schools, Hospitals throughout the UK, Europe and Asia.

Our range of Height Adjustable Baths include: Baths with Hydrotherapy Systems, Baths with Integrated Seats, Baths with Changing Tables and many more. The Height Adjustable Baths we install are often designed to work well with the OT200 Ceiling Hoist and are ideal for transferring users into.

By utilising OpeMed’s knowledge of layouts and the building structure early on in the project it can save, time and money. We pride ourselves on our interaction and experience with builders, architects and the client.

height adjustable bath in case management house
case management bath in motion
assisted bathroom into bedroom
height adjustable neatfold bath
Residential Centre Ceiling Hoist
Height Adjustable Hospital Bath
hospital assisted bath
assisted bath with changing table
hydrotherapy assisted bath
height adjustable reclining bath
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