Google Photos: Illustrating the Best of OpeMed

Google Photos is a simple website for storing, editing and sharing photos. But it’s also one of the best tools to get more out of imagery.

Working with patient transfer equipment, we have found picture galleries showing our products in situ have been really valuable to our customers. It helps to combat myths that equipment can be intrusive or unattractive when installed. Using this service has been a powerful tool allowing our customers to both gain a greater insight to our product range and allow our Product Specialists to be able to demonstrate some of the complexities with an easy to use gallery.

Google Photos: Illustrating the Best of OpeMed

Used by Occupational Therapists, Case Managers, Builders and Architects, our OT200 Ceiling Hoist Gallery is an ideal example. With a multitude of variances available, seeing some of these elements in action enables greater comprehension. As the saying goes; ‘A picture says a 1000 words’.

Aside from offering a greater insight into specific products, Google photos has also provided a way for us to demonstrate packages of products. We are the co-sponsor of the Changing Places campaign (a campaign for toilets to be better equipped and suitable for all disabilities) and offer a ‘whole room solution’ to create a truly accessible toilet. As such, use of a gallery to demonstrate the finished product can be really helpful to all parties. (Click here to view our online Changing Places Gallery)

Overall, I would highly recommend the service. With the unlimited free images and the simple and easy to use interface, coupled with a simple and clean template that allows your pictures to pop, Google Photos is definitely the way forwards for any business.

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