German Exhibition Features OpeMed OT200 Ceiling Hoist

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist had pride of place on our exclusive German distributor Beka Hospitec’s stand this week at Altenpflege 2017 Nürnberg, Germany.


Aimed at the Long Term Care (LTC) sector, the exhibition was well attended by Nursing Homes, Hospices, Handicapped Residential Units and Special Schools. On show was the OT200 with flush mounted track to show that Ceiling Hoist installation can be aesthetically pleasing whilst providing the vital equipment for safe and efficient patient transfer.

We also exhibited our unique powered cradle that expands and changes shape as the patient us lifted from the bath, bed or chair.

German Exhibition Features OpeMed OT200 Ceiling Hoist

This expanding cradle ensures the patient can be moved from a sitting to a lying position at the press of a button but more-so the flexible cradle automatically adjusts to prevent loss of gravity (preventing a falling sensation) and preventing sheer from the sling riding up the thigh or down the shoulder as the torso expands or shrinks during the change in positioning from lying to sitting.

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist has a unique gravity charging system giving over 150 lifts between charges, and negating the need of maintenance heavy permanent charging systems.

German Exhibition Features OpeMed OT200 Ceiling Hoist Demonstration

For LTC (Long Term Care) our OT200R Removable Hoist is an attractive option, allowing track to be installed in all rooms at the point of construction/ refurbishment with a few motors purchased that can be moved from room to room by the on-site maintenance personnel. This dramatically reduces the cost of installing hoists and is fully upgradeable if needs change to permanent hoists, making the system future-proof whilst keeping budgets down.

OpeMed have worked with Beka Hospitec as their distributor in Germany since 2012. If you would like to discuss working with OpeMed in your own country please contact us.


OpeMed are the leading manufacturer of Ceiling Hoist and install throughout EMEA into Hospitals, LTC (Long Term Care), Education and Homecare. OpeMed are also the proud co-sponsor of the prestigious Changing Places Campaign. See more international news here.

German Exhibition Features OpeMed OT200 Ceiling Hoist