Geberit Hand Control System

Geberit Hand Control System- Accommodating All Users

The Geberit hand control system is a helpful addition to the Geberit Aquaclean 8000Plus w/c which enables user to control a variety of elements from washing method, positioning and length of time.

The handset is a “pop-out” addition to the existing basic “push” controls on the w/c, the handset has the infra-red ability to add a dimension of privacy to users whereby a carer might choose to operate the system from the next room. At the touch of a button the features include:

  • Full and smooth water spray
  • Adjustable water spray, position and temperature
  • Massage spray, lady wash and oscillating spray functions
  • Gentle warm air drying

Alongside the independence and hygiene boosting hand-set, the Aquaclean 8000Plus is one of the most user friendly assistive w/c’s on the market. There are quick and easy functions available on this model which allow for very simple and quick cleaning of the entire system as well as soft closing and opening for a professional touch. To request more information and a technical brochure on this product please click here.

Geberit Hand Control SystemGeberit Hand Control System