Gait Training Equipment – Ceiling Hoist with Walking Harness

Gait Training HoistGait Training Equipment – Ceiling Hoist

For Gait Training Equipment the OpeMed OT200 Ceiling Hoist in combination with our Walking Harness is the ideal tool for Gait Training in the Physiotherapy Ward.

The OT200 has a unique feature where it can be “walked” by the patient but when extra support is required the hoist can be driven along the track to aid training.

The OpeMed Walking Harness has adjustable straps to ensure optimum support is given for each patient and prevents a “drop” if the patient falls by ensuring there is always tension.

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist can be mounted on the ceiling or on a mobile gantry system so it can be moved between wards.Hoist Gait Training

The 6 hook spreader bar on the OT200 allows different width patients to be accommodated and allows quicker and simpler sling attachment and adjustment as the sling straps do not all attach on a single hook.

OpeMed has the widest range of Walking Harnesses on the market for male, female or unisex use and from a choice of supportive materials.



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