Dispelling the whispers; Discover how Changing Places can be cost effective

Changing Places Toilets can change lives; allowing access to places most of us take for granted and offering dignity and basic human rights to some of the most vulnerable people.

With Ceiling Hoist systems and electrically height adjustable equipment, such as the adult sized Changing Table and often a Washbasin, they are surely an expensive enterprise. Speaking with Industry Specialists, it is clear that rumours of the staggering costs – some believe around £40,000 – have given rise to hesitation to commit to such a project. And although you can’t put a price on the freedom, safety and dignity that a Changing Places toilet affords a disabled person and their family, the money still needs to be found.

It’s satisfying then, to dispel such a rumour. In our experience, the average cost of a Changing Places is in fact well under half of the reported cost.

The average cost of a Changing Places is under £15k.

Changing Places don’t need to be so expensive and communication is key in implementing this; budget-friendly options for the equipment specifications are always available, whilst still meeting the Changing Places Specification and most importantly, the needs of those using the facility.

If the room is in the process of being constructed, our early involvement is crucial in saving costs regarding fixings. Making amendments to ceiling structures later down the line, or having certain fixing method options made impossible can complicate and add unnecessary expense.

Swapping non-essential items that the specification would not deem a necessity but would recommend, such as the Wash/Dry toilet and Height Adjustable Washbasin, for a standard close-coupled toilet and fixed height washbasin is another simple way to keep costs down. In this way we can personalise the specification to a client’s budget/requirements, offering the best solution to balance budgets with a quality finished and fully compliant Changing Places facility.

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