Disability MP calls for Changing Places in Premier League Stadia

The Minister for disabled people, Penny Mordaunt MP, met on Wednesday 28th September with the Premier League at the Olympic Stadium and issued a call to all Premier Leagues Clubs to install a Changing Places at their venues by the end of the season.

Disability MP calls for Changing Places in Premier League Stadia

Disability MP calls for Changing Places in Premier League Stadia

What began in 2006 Changing Places with campaigner and Arsenal fan, Leroy Binns, has finally reached what all football fans love to cheer, Goal! A heart congratulations is in order to Leroy for all his fantastic hard work and tireless effort towards ensuring everyone attending football matches has equal access to the facilities that they deserve. An extra point of pride for him that Arsenal, his own club, were among the first to take the leap into updating their hygiene facilities to guarantee the inclusion of all visitors.

As co-sponsor of the campaign, we are excited to be afforded the opportunity to enable all football fans to enjoy, with comfort and dignity, the great game. Having had huge success with installing Changing Places in 6 premiere league stadiums to date including Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City to name a few, we see a bright future for the Changing Places of the Premiere Leagues.

The facilities can be seen, not only as a positive for the disabled football fans and their families, but as a positive for the businesses behind the clubs.

A Changing Places toilet draws new customers and income. It is almost certain that before this point, many football fans with disabilities have made a conscious decision not to attend games at their team’s stadiums, as they wish to avoid the embarrassing and unhygienic situation of needing to be changed on the floor.

This eliminates revenue from them and their families, as well as in the future.

Having adequate Changing facilities will include those who cannot use standard disabled facilities and those accompanying them back into the customer base and reverse any alienation felt before. This in turn can generate positive PR for the clubs, as in our experience, users love to share their testimonials on social media, which also encourages others to give them ago.

Disability MP calls for Changing Places in Premier League Stadia

More on the encouraging effects that a Changing Places facility can have for businesses can be found here.

It is relieving that premiere clubs are finally recognising the value that these facilities have to those who need them most and their families. It not only affords dignity in basic hygiene, but most importantly it offers the priceless experience to enjoy a day free of any unnecessary stress and have a wonderful time watching the football as they deserve to.


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