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Designing Ceiling Hoist projects with OpeMed’s SurveyPlan

Designing a Ceiling Hoist project has never been easier with OpeMed’s SurveyPlan.

With regards to mapping out and drawing floor plans, especially when designed by hand, errors are bound to occur. This makes them no less frustrating or time-consuming, with potentially hours of work undone by a simple mistake or a change of layout.

The new software makes use of an intuitive and straight-forward drag and drop feature, allowing you to insert equipment onto your floorplan and integrating it seamlessly with the rest of the drawing using an error reducing magnetic ‘snap’ tool.

This attracts certain objects together, for example, it automatically attracts a toilet or sink to a wall. Most importantly in this instance, it attracts the two ends of Ceiling Hoist Track together, making even the most complex systems fit flawlessly and with minimal effort.

It is also an indispensable application for reducing error when conceptualising track configurations; establishing what is possible within the given limits of a space and eliminating what isn’t.

Even in awkward rooms and spaces, SurveyPlan immediately scales the track length, or any other equipment, to the dimensions of the room.

This allows you to play around with layouts until you find something that will actually be possible, as opposed to spending valuable time with a scale ruler measuring a drawing to assess and painstakingly create something that might not work.

If architects drawings for the area or room in question are already available, you can take a photo of a plan and draw to scale, superimposed directly over the original drawing which also reduces error and greatly improves the accuracy.

It’s all in the detail…

…and in this case, designing your ceiling track layouts has never been easier. Create a detailed drawing for your clients in moments with OpeMed’s SurveyPlan.

Here’s how to gain access to this exciting new tool:

Want to get SurveyPlan for your team? Here’s how:

OpeMed is offering SurveyPlan exclusively for OpeMed dealers. For a small fee per device, you can be the proud new users of an innovative way of demonstrating and surveying your OpeMed Hoist Systems. Stand out from the crowd with the ability to offer professional visualisations, get quick room captures and save your team from time-consuming hand drawings.

Available on Andriod and iOS devices.

For more information and to request your license contact us now on 01252 758 858 or email us here.

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