COVID-19 Update (Coronavirus)

To our valued customers,

At OpeMed (United Care) we are as concerned as the rest of the community about Covid-19 (Coronavirus) and are following the latest UK Government advice to help safeguard the welfare of our employees, customers, supply chain and of course, associated families and friends.

We recognise that many of our customers may be part of the more vulnerable groups for Covid-19, and we would like to work with you to ensure works are carried out at times or in ways that minimise risk.

As Covid-19 continues to spread, we are actively monitoring the situation and implementing the following steps to prepare and shield our customers and ourselves from as much of the impact as possible. Currently, the following measures of precaution are in effect:

  • Until there is a change in Government policy to the contrary, we will continue to keep our office open and our phones manned as usual. We are anticipating that the Government advice regarding isolation will change but we are already instigating arrangements for most of our staff to work from home.

  • We have shared best practice health tips with our team-members and continue to keep them updated.

  • To reduce risk of spreading any infection, we will ensure all staff members wash before and after each appointment or meeting to maintain a level of personal hygiene as recommended in Government guidelines.

  • We have implemented a no hand shaking policy and are practicing social distancing.

  • Our systems have been designed, planned and tested to fully support remote working and this will enable us to continue to look after your requirements, irrespective of where staff are located.

  • As a precaution we have already taken steps to postpone all non-essential business travel and customer sales meetings. This will result in more meetings by telephone and video conferencing. If you have been affected by these postponements, your local Product Specialist will be in contact with you directly to notify and rearrange your appointment to a later date.

  • None of our staff have recently returned from high–risk locations, although the number of countries now facing their own crises is escalating rapidly. Any staff who have been exposed to the virus or display the symptoms associated with Covid-19 (Coronavirus) will be asked to self-isolate in accordance with Government policy.

We will continue to monitor the situation and adjust our plans accordingly. We thank you for continuing to place trust in us. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have.

We wish you and all those you care for to stay healthy and safe.

To find out more about the on going pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) we have put together a few key resources you can visit:

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