Church funds brand new Changing Places at local community centre

The newest addition to the OpeMed Changing Places portfolio is the fantastic facility at the Jubilee Community Centre in East Grinstead, West Sussex.

Funded through the tireless efforts of the Jubilee Community Church, the Changing Places facility is the result of an impressive internal renovation on an existing room in the centre. With a vision to serve the local community, the Church have certainly achieved this with their new Changing Places.

The space includes a wall mounted XY Hoist Track System with an OT200 Ceiling Hoist – offering users total access to toileting facilities and equipment, a PR4950 Height Adjustable Washbasin, a Height Adjustable Nursing Bench 3000 and a Geberit Aqua Clean toilet, to name but a few. Together creating a thoroughly modern, accessible and fully compliant Changing Places toilet for anyone in the Community to make use of.

360 Degree image of Jubilee Community Centre Changing Places

As well as those requiring a Changing Bench for showering, a shower seat incorporated in this area allows those who self-transfer from wheelchairs to make use of the shower facilities. This addition encourages even further, the multi-user friendliness of the Changing Places.

The installation was straight-forward for the OpeMed team; we liaised with the contractor to ensure a smooth and easy process. The official opening took place on Saturday 7th October, making this exciting and enabling toilet open for business. With a Changing Places, those who require a Hoist and Changing Bench to use the loo or to be changed can enjoy the activities that the Community Centre has to offer, as well as the surrounding town.

If you would like any more information on installing a Changing Places, or you have a project requiring specialist equipment, please get in touch at 01252 758858 and we’ll be more than happy to help with any enquiries.