Changing Places takes off in Germany

Toiletten für alle (Toilets for All) – Changing Places takes off in Germany

The emotive subject of Changing Places is something that is felt on an international scale. With social pressure on builders and governments growing, Germany’s campaign: Toiletten für alle (Toilets for All) is a campaign at the heart of Germany’s disability struggle.

With 5 toilets now installed and available to the public, the Toilets for All team are continuing to work hard and campaign for more.

toilet for all grows in germany

The Toilet for All team aim to raise awareness and install as many “toilets for all” as possible across Germany. They are calling for the long term introduction of a DIN standard (similar to British Standards) for barrier-free toilets.

If the DIN standard can be made mandatory for all public institutions (such as swimming pools, town halls – for city visits, museums, shopping centres and more),  it will enable people with severe and multiple disabilities to participate in public life.

You can find out more and support our German partners as they campaign for Toilets For All across Germany by visiting

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toilet for all in germany