Changing Places in Munich Airport

The expansion and awareness of Changing Places is now hitting overseas! The first European location outside of Great Britain hosting a Changing Places facility is Munich, Germany in their impressive International Airport; “Toiletten f√ºr alle”!

This is particularly exciting as you are now able to fly from Stansted Airport to Munich Airport with Changing Places facility at either end; a real breakthrough for family and disabled people’s travel plans.


munich_airport_center_21 Changing-Places-Munich-Airport.JPG

The impressive role model facility features an OpeMed Changing Bench, Ceiling Hoist, Assistive Wall Rails and 14sq metres for turning wheel chairs and carers. This Changing Places or “Toiletten f√ºr alle” marks the first in the pipeline of at least 3 more to come in Munich City Centre including in the Ingolstadt which is currently being built. For more updates on Changing Places near you or for useful travel savvy Changing Please please check their website for all locations. Changing Places is sponsored by Aveso (OpeMed and Astor Bannerman).


munich_airport_600px_dec09 Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 14.30.58