Changing Places in the Media

The Changing Places campaign has seen a welcome glut of exposure in the media of late.

To be recognised and exemplified in the recent UN document (p.59-60), detailing the best practices to make urban environments accessible and fully inclusive, highlights how far the campaign has come since its inception in 2006. The UN, an intergovernmental organisation designed to promote international co-operation, deemed Changing Places the example of choice in the UK towards achieving this inclusivity in their publication.

Changing Places in the Media

Changing Places in the Media

We are reminded during the report that a city is only well designed if is well designed for all. For the world’s over one billion persons with disabilities, accessibility is a precondition for their enjoyment of human rights and is a means for economic, social, cultural and political empowerment, participation and inclusion. This strongly supports the message that Changing Places is both purporting and achieving; challenging cities in the UK, and many other areas, to re-design themselves and become inclusive for all.

 Case studies prompt us that inclusion -for businesses- is a means of competitiveness; the UK’s 11.9 million disabled people are said to have disposable income collectively worth £80bn. In our own case study, a business that installed a Changing Places facility saw a 115% increase in disabled visitors, proving that Changing Places can help unlock this revenue.

In other news, Trailblazers, a charity which aims to encourage change in society to provide more support and enjoyment in life for young disabled people, specifically those with Muscular Dystrophy, published a document surrounding the issue of accessibility in sporting stadiums and venues.  Changing Places featured heavily in this article (p. 6), as these facilities are a primary answer to the problems of inclusivity and the general ability to enjoy a day out at a sporting event.

 Through studies and testimony from the disabled community, they bring to light the injustice in accessibility at sporting grounds; disabled people having inadequate facilities to be changed with a carer, having to sit away from friends and family – even with the opposing team, having a lengthier process to order tickets over the phone and lack of direction of where to park or go in the venue.

Changing Places in the Media
Changing Places in the Media

Unfortunately we are some way off solving all of these issues, however Changing Places at least can settle the minds of disabled sports fans and their families that they can use the toilet or be changed with safety and dignity when visiting. Campaigning has led to the minister for disabled people, Penny Mordaunt MP, issuing a call to all Premier Leagues Clubs to install a Changing Places at their venues by the end of the season.

 These fantastic advances have offered more exposure than ever; if you would like to move with the changing tide and champion the campaign or know a place that you believe could benefit those in the community that need it by installing a Changing Places, then get in touch to start your journey with our campaigner pack.

As official co-sponsors, we are also more than happy to discuss design and installation and have extensive experience with installing Changing Places. Please call on 01252 758 858 or email us to discuss your project.


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