Changing Places Conference 2015 – A Success!

The Changing Places Conference; “What a Brilliant Day”…

On the 21st February 201s Changing Places and the official sponsor; Aveso (OpeMed & Astor Bannerman joint venture) proudly held the very first ‘Changing Places Conference’. The event was held at Chesterfield FC’s Proact Stadium which sports it’s very own Changing Places facility which won 3rd prize in the ‘People’s Choice Changing Places’ Award ceremony!

We invited you to join us to learn more about:

What are Changing Places?

How do I start a campaign?

Who is there to support me?

What are the rules, regulations and requirements?

How can I meet like-minded people and share ideas with them?

The conference was attended by around 70 people from councils, businesses, trusts, families, charities and suppliers of Changing Places equipment. Carefully selected guest speakers (including parents, charities and founders) took to the microphone to provide 10-20 minute sessions for the room to educate, inform and inspire on Changing Places using their own experiences.

Some highlights from Aveso:

  • seeing brand new faces turn up on the day, people that had recently learnt about Changing Places and were looking for support in starting campaigns of their very own
  • Receiving great feedback from the interactive Changing Places quiz!
  • Learning more about Samantha Buck’s Changing Places journey and her relentless attitude towards ‘nay sayers’
  • Discovering how effective a ‘sensual experience’ of a toilet floor is with Accessible Derbyshire and how it can be used as part of the campaigns pitch

To best demonstrate the thoughts and feelings from our attendees of the Changing Places Conference, we have put together an infographic summary which can be shared amongst Changing Places Champions: CP Conference Feb 2015 Infographic

To request more information about the Changing Places Conference or to request copies of any of the photographs please contact us.