Change is coming: New Look, Same Care.

Dear Valued Customer,

As you may know, over the last two years we have been transitioning into a division of United Care B.V., working closely with our Dutch partners to bring you the best quality patient transfer equipment and support with all of your washing and bathing needs.  Today we wanted to let you know that there are some changes on the way…

We strive to work smarter, not harder and how better to achieve that than to streamline the companies under one branded umbrella  – United Care.

We know that a well-considered website makes all the difference to when researching Hoisting or Assisted Bathing equipment and that easy access to a relevant range of products saves crucial time and energy for your projects, whatever the scale and so will be launching a brand new website this coming July.

We’ve also listened to our customers and pruned our range to let the best flourish so that any equipment you buy with us has superior user-experience and fulfilment at its heart.

What to expect from our ‘New Look’

These are exciting times and like Dior’s infamous New Look in 1947, we’re altering our design and the presentation of our web presence for a positive reimagining to properly optimise your experience on desktop, smartphone, tablet and however else you might choose to access it.

Less really is more and our new look really celebrates this, with an emphasis on photography, minimal design; clean and easy to navigate interfaces whilst improving and accentuating the product information, guides and other resources (you know, the important stuff!) Our library of Case Studies and galleries are growing and these brilliant tools offer a wealth of information and ideas to help implement your goals and visualise what our expertise and equipment can do to get you there.

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Change is great; we love change! But not everything needs to and that rings true for the team behind OpeMed (United Care). Whilst we’re changing on the outside, our energy and core goals of providing exemplary service won’t be budging. The same familiar faces are still at the helm to support you in reaching the best result for your projects, offering layout and design advice, on-site surveys and expert product recommendations, and continuing to care for you and your equipment for years to come.

Keeping your safety at the forefront, our on-the-road Product Specialists have had a temporary break due to Covid-19, however, with the UK on the move again and social distancing measures observed with care, our Product team are back and able to visit sites and meet you in person to assist and discuss Hoisting and Bathing solutions.

Crafted with Care in the Netherlands

Our range of Ceiling Hoists, Floor Hoists, Track and Slings all are and will continue to be manufactured and produced at our factory in the Netherlands by our talented engineers with true craftmanship and Dutch quality imbued in the design, assembly and finish of each unit. 

Following our ‘Naturally on the Move’ philosophy, we’re always seeking innovative development and improving our transfer equipment to maintain independent living, improve quality of life and care for both carers and patients.

To discover more about our product range, simply click below: