Aveso Celebrating the Success of Changing Places

Success of Changing Places: Bromsgrove Celebration Event Backed by Aveso (OpeMed & Astor Bannerman)

As sponsor of the Changing Places Campaign, Aveso continue to promote why these facilities provide such a life changing amenity for so many people.

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On Friday 22nd August, Aveso were invited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of a Changing Places in the centre of Bromsgrove. The Bromsgrove CP facility marked the 93rd in the country out of the 664 that are now installed as of August 2014. Since installation, this CP toilet has been registered for use with over 100 individuals or organisations and has been highly praised.

The celebration event saw CP users, members of the public, council members, local SEN schools and support centres join together to praise local campaigners and award those who have dedicated a lot of time and energy to increasing the diversity within Bromsgrove and local areas.

The Aveso team saw many passers by take an interest in what Changing Places were and how they could get involved. We also have a number of comments and feedback from people who had been affected by Changing Places and wanted to share their thoughts.

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For more information on this event, Changing Places installations in your area, how to get involved and Aveso please find us on Twitter @CP_Consortium @Aveso @OpeMed @AstorBannerman and on #ChangingFriendly #AvesoAvengers


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