Ceiling Track Hoists for Large Rooms

OpeMed Supplies and Fits Ceiling Track Hoists into Any Size of Room

As a leading manufacturer and installer of ceiling hoists, hi-lo baths and changing tables, OpeMed works with Architects and Occupational Therapists to design accessible spaces to suit the needs of the users and carers in any environment.


OpeMed provide:

  • Ceiling track reinforced upto 400kg
  • Ceiling track for full room coverage for any size or shape of room
  • Straight, curved or XY ceiling track

8 metere ceiling track hoist by opemed




















Reinforced 8m Ceiling Track
Above shows an example of an OT200 compact ceiling hoist on an XY system (or H frame) for full room coverage of this soft play area from a recent installation. The ceiling track spans over 8 metres by 5 metres and was designed to accommodate the central sky light whilst still providing full room coverage.

compact ceiling hoist


OpeMed’s Ceiling Hoist and Track:
  • Compact, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Move freely across entire room for multiple pick-up points
  • Pick up from the floor
  • Charge whilst in use
  • Provide safe, fast and quiet means of transfer

OpeMed’s product specialists provide free of charge visits for all clients and offer demonstration of products anywhere in the United Kingdom.