Helping Clients With Ceiling Track Hoist Design

Providing Expertise in Ceiling Track Hoist Design for Any Building

OpeMed are well considered in the Healthcare Industry as the experts in Ceiling Track Hoist Design. Our team provide innovative layouts for Overhead Hoists and Ceiling Hoists in any building and for any client’s needs or requirements.

Ceiling Hoist Design Service for Patient Hoisting

Whether you are a Case Manager, an Occupational Therapist, Architect, Contractor, Home Owner, OpeMed can advise and design the optimum, most cost effective and realistic solution. Our Ceiling Hoists are installed in Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Swimming Pools, SEN Schools and Homecare

We start by asking where the real areas in the room that require transfer, then try and build in future-proofing (in case the room layout changes in the future) and recommend the best solution possible with the structure of the building.

Providing Technical ‘Know How’

Often an H system (also known as an XY system) is the best solution as provides all room coverage and allows for repositioning of furniture in the future. OpeMed can install H systems of any size and when ceilings are lower than 2300mm can install a low-profile, flush H system.

OpeMed manufacture all our installation components and are experts in finding solutions where the building requires non-standard solutions (such as glass walls, ceilings with no structural supports, angled walls etc). Our installation team have over 75 years combined experience of installing Ceiling Hoists and designing Ceiling Hoist Track Layouts.

OpeMed offer a no-obligation consultation, can produce drawings and quote if required. Please contact us for further information.

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Ceiling Hoist Track Design