Ceiling Hoists in Hospitals

Ceiling Hoists (or Patient Hoists) are used in a variety of departments within a Hospital, from Geriatric to Maternity to Physiotherapy Wards.

OpeMed have many years experience globally on advising on the right solution and are the experts on a cost effective, reliable and applicable solution.

The OpeMed OT200 Ceiling Hoist is the smallest hospital use ceiling hoist on the market, and its hybrid gravity charging system, no-tools emergency lower and proven reliability make it an easy choice for Hospitals throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Ceiling Hoists Hospitals

Physiotherapy Ceiling Hoists

The OpeMed Ceiling Hoist is ideal for Gait Training with its unique self drive system, or for manoeuvrability around the Physiotherapy Ward or Physio Department.

Our range of Walking Harnesses is the widest on the market and provide a simple, safe and supportive sling for use with our OT200.

Bariatric Ceiling Hoist

THe OT200 Bariatric Ceiling Hoist stands above the competition as it is a single compact motor that will lift patients upto 400kg.

OpeMed has a range of spreader bars to suite different Bariatric Patients in the Hospital, Long Term Care or Homecare environments.

Additionally our range of Bariatric Shower Trolleys, Mobile Hoists and Slings add to the product offering.

Geriatric & General Wards

For safe, comfortable and simple patient transfer between the hospital bed, assisted bathroom or within the ward OpeMed can design an efficient, cost effective and discreet solution.

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist is compact and we have the widest range of track solutions on the market (for example track that interacts with the ward curtains, ceiling hoist turntables, XY or H systems and room to room connections).

Maternity Wards

OpeMed are experienced at installing Ceiling Hoists above Birthing Pools, ward beds or bariatric rooms for Maternity or Obstetric use.


Hydrotherapy and rehabilitation wards as well as Physiotherapy can benefit from a Ceiling Hoist to gain simple and safe access to the pool or rehabilitation area.