Ceiling Hoist Track with Different Height Ceilings

When planning a room to room system there are often different height ceilings (e.g. in the bedroom and the bathroom). Naturally the track needs to be at one height across both rooms and OpeMed can design a bespoke solution to ensure the track is installed in the most aesthetically pleasing method as possible.

If the difference in ceiling heights is more than 300mm then some lateral supports may be required on some of the fixings, but OpeMed are experts in fabricating bespoke solutions that can be painted specifically to blend into the ceiling colour.

As the hoist track passes through the door header, the optimum solution is to have the ceiling hoist track form part of the door header, with a taller than normal door. Then with the door shut there is no gap, and there is no noise or light pollution from room to room. If this is not possible a gap needs to be cut above the door header up to the finished ceiling height.