Ceiling Hoist Multi-Room Access

Fitting Ceiling Hoist Multi-Room Access

As part of our unique support offering to customers, we aim to ensure that we can create a practical solution for your ceiling hoist and ceiling tracking in any multi-room environment. Our ceiling hoist solutions are guaranteed to offer our customers increased flexibility, reduced transfers, safety and a smooth ride.

The design team at OpeMed can design multi-room hoisting to suit your project via a number of methods:

– OpeMed can supply and fit portable hoists, transferrable from room to room via simple hook and fixed track

– OpeMed can create ceiling hoist track which traverses through the door header into the en-suite/bedroom using a variety of different methods. The best solution is where the track forms part of the door header, and a taller than normal door is used so when the door is shut there is no gap for light or noise to transfer through from room to room. If this is not possible then a cutout can be made between the top of the door and the ceiling.

– OpeMed can design a gate system which enables multi-room access with no additional transfer required

Room to room hoist system

When a door header cannot be removed our Portable system can transfer under the door header

ceiling hoist track and door header

If special height doors cannot be used, the other option is for a small opening between the door header and the ceiling

ceiling track room to room

The ideal solution is for the track to form part of the door header, then when the door is shut there is no light or noise pollution

ceiling hoist solution bedroom to ensuite

If a gap above the standard door is chosen this is often the most cost effective method









OpeMed can provide detailed working drawings showing the desired door height to achieve the best solution.

The ceiling hoist solutions designed by OpeMed are constructed with the users needs and budget in mind, and our early involvement at the design stage can save time and money. OpeMed are experienced at working with the architect and various contractors to ensure a cost effective and smooth design and install of Ceiling Hoists.

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