Ceiling Hoist Installation Satisfies All

ceiling hoist install in europe

In co-operation with our sister company United Care, a recent project has been completed with the installation of a new ceiling lift system into a mental health rehabilitation centre in Europe. The ceiling hoist installed is an OT200 with a powered spreader bar for automated positioning, in this blog we have the opportunity to find out what the whole team think.

From an Occupational Therapist’s Perspective

“The need for a ceiling lift system from the residential facility has presented itself clearly” puts occupational therapist Lynda Flemingshore.

When you consult a team ahead of a new product installation there are inevitably a number of questions including; how it works, will it work for the clients, how it will fit in once installed, what will it cost etc. These are examples of just a few questions from the group involved in this ceiling hoist installation (containing health care providers, representatives of United Care, the accountable manager vastgoedbeerder and occupational therapist) who needed the answers. “We really feel we have designed this project together. Everyone looked from their own discipline, so that you could properly tune into what was necessary for everyone.”

Lynda commented on the project: “Previously, we only had the bathroom ceiling lifts and we used a mobile lift to the bedrooms. Now the different bedrooms and bathroom has good transferability with the new lift system.”

occupational therapist commenting on ceiling hoist usage

A great benefit given by this hoisting system is the space saved, the occupational health and safety is much better  and above all it is less stressful for the clients.  As one voice, the facilitators they tell you that the OT200 compact ceiling hoist is much lighter than other hoists and also present systems.

“We have to perform fewer operations, can easily manoeuvre and it’s a lot easier for our clients.” The way the project was implemented definitely secured their approval. “A stumbling block was as the temporary relocation of residents during the installation process, but that went well in the end.”

ceiling hoist on track in hallway

From the Project Leader’s Perspective

Project leader Ton Bell , also looks back on a great project. “I supervise the process at work after completing the preparations, quotations, work meetings, etc. are over. Say from the moment the system will be installed really I am involved.” Ton is also pleased with the commitment of the various disciplines and mutual cooperation. “Besides that the system should function well, caregivers must also become familiar with and feel comfortable with it too. I am only satisfied when all others are happy.” Major bottlenecks were not for this project leader. “I have so much experience that most attention in advance can be properly tackled. The challenge is also there in advance to play in, so you do not get any surprises during the installation.”

As the title indicates, indeed all parties satisfied with the new ceiling hoist system. There is the new system especially to profit from the reduced physical stress for the caregiver and the ability to move the client more comfortably. Quality of life determines everybody, but in terms of comfort, a tool like the OT200 compact ceiling hoist really make a difference what benefits the quality.