Ceiling Hoist Install Gallery

(Example Images from Recent Installations)

A gallery of Ceiling Hoist Installs in Homes, Nursing Homes, Swimming Pools, SEN Schools, Hospitals throughout the UK, Europe and Asia. Our Patient Hoists (or Over Head Hoists) are used in assisted bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, swimming pools, changing rooms and Changing Places.

By utilising OpeMed’s knowledge of layouts and the building structure early on in the project can save, time and money. We pride ourselves on our interaction and experience with builders, architects and the client.

Below are images of H systems (or XY Systems for full room coverage), Turntables, Gates (for joining H system), Room-to-room hoists, different ceiling levels in a mixture of Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Leisure Centres, Changing Places Rooms, Schools and Home care.

ceiling track hoist
OT200 compact ceiling hoist
toileting sling in demonstration
ceiling track hoist in action by opemed
changing places installed by opemed at arsenal emirates fc
Residential Centre Ceiling Hoist
ot200 ceiling hoist on xy system
ot200 ceiling hoist
ceiling hoist on multi-directional track
ceiling hoist in nursing home
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