Ceiling Hoist Fixing Types

Ceiling Hoist Fixing Types Explained

OpeMed offer many different ceiling hoist fixing types for a Disabled or Patient Ceiling Hoist (also known as Overhead Hoist).

Wall Fix Ceiling Hoist

If the ceiling fix is not an option, OpeMed can install the track using wall fixings. These are either a

-Wall bracket onto a solid or load bearing wall, or

-Wall post for a partition wall where the wall post runs down the partition wall and transfers the load onto the floor. For the Wall Post the partition wall must be “tied” at top and bottom. If there is a skirting board that cannot be altered or curved lino flooring then a bespoke wall post can be made to curve around.

Wall bracket for Ceiling Hoist

Wall Bracket for Solid or Load Bearing Walls

Wall Post for Partition Walls

Wall Post for Partition Walls







Ceiling Fixing the Overhead Hoist

The standard method of installing an overhead (or patient ceiling hoist) is onto the Ceiling. OpeMed’s unique in-track bracket ensures no ugly bracket or fixing can be seen and allows quick and easy removal of the track if it ever needs repositioning.


Ceiling Hoist Bracket

Invisible in track bracket that is easy to remove

Overhead Hoist Track Bracket

The unique bracket is hidden within the track








Suspended Ceiling / MF Ceiling installs of Patient Ceiling Hoist

OpeMed are experienced at installing overhead or patient ceiling hoists onto suspended ceilings, whether a tile and grid or MF ceiling. If the void to the structure is over 300mm we normally install additional lateral braces to prevent sideways movement.

Lateral Brace for Ceiling Hoist Installs on Suspended Ceiling

Lateral Supports for Suspended Ceilings where the void exceeds 300mm

Lateral Brace

Lateral Supports are installed into the Ceiling Void to stop sideways movement








Non Standard Ceilings

OpeMed can provide solutions for nearly all non-standard ceiling types when installing an overhead or patient ceiling hoist, whether a sloping ceiling, glass ceiling or ceiling with different levels.

Track Sloping Ceiling

Ceiling Track installed on sloping and curved wooden ceiling

OpeMed Suspended Curved Track Ceiling Hoist

Overhead Hoist installed on ceiling with different levels








Bespoke Solutions

OpeMed specialist in manufacturing bespoke solutions when the standard solution will not work. It might be a glass wall where a frame is required, a roof pyramid, working around asbestos or a temporary building. Please contact our Technical Team to discuss how we can help. The earlier OpeMed are involved the more cost effective the solution will often be.

ceiling track hoist solution

Bespoke frames can be fabricated by OpeMed to allow Ceiling Hoists in the most difficult of rooms.

ceiling support for overhead hoists and TGI beams

Special frame manufactured for TGI beams.

Architect Overhead Patient Hoist mounted to ceiling

OpeMed work with architects to design the optimum solution