Ceiling Hoist Dealer Offering

Ceiling Hoist Dealer Offering

OpeMed are pleased to announce our new dealer offering to a select few dealers, many of whom are experienced at installing ceiling hoists. The OT200 has been in the field since 2008 and is now in its latest compact form, whilst maintaining many of the features you are used to. The components are all high quality, easy to service and the parts can often be sourced locally.

Patient Disabled Ceiling Hoist

Unique Product Features

  • Compact Motor (240mm wide, 300mm long)
  • Familiar proven technology
  • Fits on OpeMed and most tracks
  • Nearly all parts can be changed on rail
  • Popular 3 hook spreader bar
  • Gravity Charging
  • Full range of track and accessories

Service to Dealers

  • Competitive Pricing
  • In stock at Hampshire warehouse
  • Project discounts (£10k + orders)
  • CAD drawing service
  • Installation assistance available
  • Architects detail readily available
  • Fabrication service (e.g. special wall posts)
Overhead hoist for bedroom
CAD layout design
Detailed support for ceiling hoists for disabled

With our 20years experience at manufacturing ceiling hoists for many of the leading players we are confident on our reliable, proven design that we have been installing worldwide since 2008. All components, including our steel gearing, are high quality and are built for longevity as well as easy servicing.

Please contact us for a demonstration of the OT200 or to discuss how we can work together.

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