Ceiling Hoist at Home with Super Josh

The OT200 Ceiling Hoist at Home with Super Josh

The OT200 ceiling hoist is frequently used within domestic environments as a user friendly, neat addition to the home for increased accessibility. As you can see in the images below, the ceiling hoist installed for Super Josh (of The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity) works well in a home environment as a way for carers to transfer from wheelchair to sofa or bed to bath for example.

ceiling hoist at home with super joshceiling hoist at home ceiling hoist at home in use

Key OT200 Ceiling Hoist Features:

  • Capacity from 150kg to 400kg where necessary
  •  Smallest most compact hoist cassette available
  • Gravity powered charging system (charges whilst in use)
  • Emergency lowering system (will power down if there is a power cut)
  • 6 hook spreader bar for easy and comfortable sling application
  • No flashing lights at night

For more information on The OT200 compact ceiling hoist, our range of accompanying slings or The Joshua Wilson Brain Tumour Charity please contact us.

Many thanks to Dawn Fidler for the photographs of her son Joshua.