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SurveyPlan Success as Irish Dealers Roll-Out App

Posted on September 27, 2018

As part of the rollout of our industry-leading Ceiling Hoist Layout software ‘SurveyPlan‘, OpeMed’s exclusive Southern Irish dealer, MMS Medical, has become the latest to launch this brand new system. MMS has deployed this state-of-the-art technology to all their field and office based sales representatives, enabling them to more efficiently provide Ceiling Hoist solutions to Homecare, Schools, Nursing Homes and Hospitals across the Republic of Ireland.

SurveyPlan Success as Irish Dealers Roll-Out App


What is an XY Ceiling Hoist System or H Track Ceiling Hoist System 2019?

Posted on August 30, 2018

What is an XY Ceiling Hoist System or H Track Ceiling Hoist System?

We often get asked what is an XY Ceiling Hoist System or H Track Ceiling Hoist System? (also known as an XY Overhead Hoist or an XY Hoist).

XY or H Frame Systems are the most common means of mounting a Ceiling Hoist. Consisting of two fixed lengths of track running parallel to one another, with a moveable track suspended between the two, the Ceiling Hoist can run along the moveable track either manually or powered. The moveable track then runs along both parallel rails which effectively offers access to the entire area.

The name XY or H Frame Systems are derived purely to describe the physical shape; XY implies the vertical and horizontal Y and X axis of a graph indicating the full manoeuvrability across the XY axis, and the H – to put simply – because the moving track is positioned under and between the two parallel fixed tracks resembling the letter H.

What is an XY Ceiling Hoist System or H Track Ceiling Hoist System


Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury

Posted on August 3, 2018

Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury for OpeMed customers.

Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury for OpeMed customers.

A recent incident in a UK Care Home involving a resident …’dangling from a hoist after the sling slipped from its hooks…’ culminated in a fatality. A tragic accident and an avoidable occurrence that gives us all in this industry reason for inward reflection on the most important features of a Ceiling Hoist – Safety and Security.

As Hoist Manufacturers, it is with the crucial ‘bigger picture’ view that we can analyse situations of this type and apply knowledge gleaned from years in the industry to help prevent a repeat of such accidents. Specifically, in this case, those involving Hoist spreader bars and secure sling attachment.

Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury for OpeMed customers.


Charity Keeps Giving; Martha Trust Completes Rehabilitation Project

Posted on July 6, 2018

Charity Keeps Giving; Martha Trust Completes Rehabilitation Project with Hydrotherapy room

Martha Trust is a wonderful charity providing respite and day care for those with profound physical and multiple learning difficulties. Their mission is to provide not only quality care but the opportunity for their residents to achieve their full potential and enjoy a stimulating and an active a life as possible.

We’ve worked continuously with Martha Trust over the years, supplying Ceiling Hoists and Assisted Baths to equip their state-of-the-art facilities. To allow the latest hydro and physiotherapies, and provide a secure and safe home for over 33 young people and adults, OpeMed has been assisting with projects at the purpose-built nursing care homes for over 8 years.

Charity Keeps Giving; Martha Trust Completes Rehabilitation Project


Moving the Focus Back onto Learning

Posted on June 26, 2018

Moving the Focus Back onto Learning; The Importance of Hoisting & Specialist Equipment in Schools

It’s that time of year again, the end of the glorious British summertime! Which means, of course, the countdown to a whole year of new students enrolling.

As exciting a time as this is, with new students comes the potential for before un-encountered needs to be met. It is estimated that around 7% of children are disabled and a significant number of children have both Special Educational Needs and a disability. Most children with SEN and disabilities are educated in mainstream schools.

Moving the Focus Back onto Learning


CASE STUDY: Grand Design Home Creates Sanctuary for Devizes Family

Posted on February 1, 2018

The beautiful new home in Devizes, built from their own specialist design, is the family’s pride and joy and certainly with good reason. A labour of love constituting of aesthetic clean interiors and unique reclaimed oak frame, the purpose-built, open-plan, accessible home is also totally designed around their daughter.

Through various avenues of DFG and private funding, the family have been able to construct a dream country home with their daughter’s needs at the forefront of considerations.


Best Ceiling Hoist for Your Project in 2018

Posted on January 4, 2018

Best Ceiling Hoist for Your Project in 2018

All you need to know to choose Ceiling Hoists with our quick guide – Best Ceiling Hoist for Your Project in 2018

If you have a project on the horizon where Ceiling Hoist or Overhead Hoist provisions are required, it can be a confusing enterprise deciding which is right for the given environment. The Best Ceiling Hoist for Your Project in 2018 is a quick guide designed to breakdown the different types of Ceiling Hoists available and where they can work best.


The OpeMed Flat Spaces Series: The Monarch and Gantry

Posted on December 11, 2017

The Second Installment: The Monarch and Gantry

We are delighted to release the second and third instalments in our Flat Spaces video series for the Monarch and Gantry. This time showcasing our Monarch Portable Hoist together with the OpeTrack Gantry System, the video gives a great example of where and how the equipment duo can be used.

Where to Use

Flat Spaces is fully accessible holiday accommodation designed for disabled holiday-makers, their families and carers. It was an ideal place to film our Monarch Hoist and Gantry in action, as it is precisely at this sort of location that the pair are most effective.

The Monarch and Gantry


Attention Access Consultants: What, Where and Why Summary of NRAC Conference 2017

Posted on October 30, 2017

A Quick Summary of NRAC Conference 2017.

As well as representing Aveso at the NRAC Conference this year, we are also excited to mention that our Managing Director, Nick Kent, will be presenting a talk on the related issue of Bariatric Specific Design in homecare and hospital settings as well as the Changing Places Campaign. Uncover the what, where and why in our summary of NRAC Conference 2017.

Summary of NRAC Conference 2017


Twenty Six Rooms For Bariatric Patients At Al Amiri Hospital

Posted on February 1, 2017

OpeMed are excited to announce that our latest project, based in Kuwait, encompassing the installation of the OT400 Bariatric Ceiling Hoist is progressing very smoothly.

Achievable through close communication and continual work with the Architect, Healthcare Planning Team and our Partner in Kuwait, OpeMed have consistently offered expert advice from concept through to installation of this high profile MOH project based in Kuwait City.

Twenty Six Rooms For Al Amiri Hospital Bariatric Patients

OpeMed Release Five Brand New Case Studies

Posted on September 21, 2016

Working with clients across the country, OpeMed provide services to a wide range of institutions. These range from Motorway services, Hospitals, Schools, holiday homes and more, with many facilities requiring bespoke and considered solutions.


Introducing the NEW OpeMax Lite Floor Hoist

Posted on January 12, 2016

Introducing the OpeMax Lite Floor Hoist

Introducing the NEW OpeMax Lite Floor Hoist

Carefully designed for regular use, the OpeMax Lite is the perfect choice for when a strong, sturdy hoist is required in the Nursing Home, Hospital, SEN School and regular use home environment. The single frame ensures stability, strength and reliability.


OT200: Retrospective Fit to Existing Hoist Track

Posted on November 3, 2015

Replace the aged motor on your existing track with the OT200

The OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist is the only ceiling hoist that is designed to work on your existing track. It may be that your overhead tracking has been installed for some time and the hoist motor (sometimes called overhead hoist) is old and now relying on expensive spare parts to keep working.

  • OT200 is designed to work on existing track
  • Significantly reduces the cost of replacing your ceiling hoist solution
  • Avoids expensive track installation
  • Prevents ongoing expensive spare parts
OT200: Retrospective Fit to Exsisting Hoist Track

OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care

Posted on October 23, 2015

OpeMed Explained

We are delighted to release our newest video “OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care “.

The video showcases OpeMed’s services and solutions. Follow our expert as he helps OpeMed customers choose the right equipment, ensuring carers can concentrate on giving their clients the care they deserve.


What is an XY Ceiling Hoist System or H System

Posted on September 7, 2015

what is an XY ceiling hoist system or h system

XY Ceiling Hoist System or H  System

We often get asked what is an XY Ceiling Hoist or H System (also known as an XY Overhead Hoist or an XY Hoist).

The simplest way to explain is an Ceiling Hoist motor that drives along a moving rail, that in turn slides up and down 2 parallel rails, allowing patient transfer anywhere within an “H” shape (hence the H system)…


Transfer Equipment Training Sessions with OpeMed

Posted on June 24, 2015

Lunch and Learn: The Do’s and Don’t for Hygiene Rooms, Adaptations and Changing Places

Training sessions for architects are available from across a number of sectors to provide up to date information and guidance. As a supplier and advisor to a number of architectural practices, OpeMed have begun a series of transfer equipment training ‘CPD style’ sessions which aim to deliver accurate advice on equipment and best practices in:

cpd lunch and learn sessions

Alan Titchmarsh Opens Accessible Holiday Home

Posted on May 11, 2015

Flat Spaces Accessible Holiday Home

Friday 8th May saw the ribbon cutting of the highly anticipated Flat Spaces Accessible Holiday Home, coined: ‘The No Compromise Option’ for it’s bench-mark setting accessibility standards for a holiday home.

After only 6 weeks from build to completion, this pre-fabricated DanWood bungalow with OpeMed Ceiling Hoists and Assisted Bathroom Equipment is not only impressively accessible, but also a very beautiful environment to be in; an expectation of any holiday home!

alan titchmarsh opens flat spaces hampshire

‘The OpeMed Product Range’ Video

Posted on April 24, 2015

Solutions for Transfer and Care Video: Watch Now

Upon completing a recent Case Management project in the UK, we were kindly granted permission by the family to commence filming in the four rooms of their house we transformed in 2014.

Upon arriving at the house, it was evident that the transfer and care equipment provides practical every day support that is so greatly needed for a user with disabilities and their family.

The OpeMed product range video has been constructed to demonstrate OpeMed’s ability to provide solutions for transfer and care that effortlessly work together to make life a lot easier and more comfortable for all.

opemed video product range

Patient Hoists at Reva Exhibition, Belgium

Posted on

OpeMed’s Ceiling Hoists, Mobile Hoists and Slings were featured at the Reva Exhibition at Flanders Expo, Belgium today through our exclusive distributor Metra.

As well as the OT200 Ceiling Hoist with its unique gravity powered charging OpeMed launched the Tilly and Raisa active and passive floor hoists.

The OpeMed range of Slings are the widest on the market, specialising in Standing Slings, Walking Harnesses, Bathing Slings as well as our bespoke range of specialist all-day slings. Take a look at our full range here.

OpeMed Standing Hoist

Access for All Conference

Posted on March 12, 2015

visit england access for all conference

‘Unlocking the Purple Pound’ with Visit England

OpeMed Gets Behind English Tourism Week

As proud sponsors of the Changing Places Campaign, we are witness to an incredible growth in awareness for disability and accessibility. Visit England and Disabled Go have acknowledged the power of disability awareness and accessibility in public places in various reports over the years, and most recently Visit England have released the ‘Purple Pound Report’ which has researched and measured the volume and value of accessible tourism in England.

Some key facts from the report…

“£12.4BN is spent on trips where a member of the party has an impairment”

“£9.4BN is the amount spent on day trips by this sector” 

“271 million is the amount of trips taken by this sector”