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SurveyPlan – Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018

Posted on August 8, 2018

SurveyPlan – Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018

OpeMed’s SurveyPlan is a floor plan creation app that allows us to create dimensioned floor plans without actively measuring or drawing. With its Augmented Reality technology, we can capture spaces quickly and create simple layout designs to support your project.

Add to that the bank of OpeMed equipment and parts – your OpeMed Product Specialist can plan your Ceiling Hoist and assisted bathroom layouts in a matter of minutes.

SurveyPlan - Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018


Charity Keeps Giving; Martha Trust Completes Rehabilitation Project

Posted on July 6, 2018

Charity Keeps Giving; Martha Trust Completes Rehabilitation Project with Hydrotherapy room

Martha Trust is a wonderful charity providing respite and day care for those with profound physical and multiple learning difficulties. Their mission is to provide not only quality care but the opportunity for their residents to achieve their full potential and enjoy a stimulating and an active a life as possible.

We’ve worked continuously with Martha Trust over the years, supplying Ceiling Hoists and Assisted Baths to equip their state-of-the-art facilities. To allow the latest hydro and physiotherapies, and provide a secure and safe home for over 33 young people and adults, OpeMed has been assisting with projects at the purpose-built nursing care homes for over 8 years.

Charity Keeps Giving; Martha Trust Completes Rehabilitation Project


OpeMed Brand New ‘Design and Approach to Installing Changing Places’ Guide

Posted on February 21, 2018

The updated BS8300:2018 is now in place.  The British Standard takes the form of guidance and recommendations, and this particular iteration refers directly to Changing Places toilets and what is required to create a fully compliant facility.

Of course, nobody wants to be caught out where the standard has introduced new changes, but reading through can be a time-consuming process. As Co-Sponsors of the Changing Places campaign, we amalgamated the new BS8300 recommendations with the Changing Places Guide and our knowledge as suppliers and installers to create a new ‘Design and Approach to Installing Changing Places’ Guide.

Design and Approach to Installing Changing Places


What is your colour?

Posted on October 11, 2017

What is your colour? For many years’ artists, scientists and researchers have been interested in the psychology of colour. They found that colour can have a profound effect on the human mind and emotions; evoking memory, affecting mood and influencing behaviour.

  • Cool colours create a sense of calm
  • Yellow is a subtly optimistic, happy colour.
  • White has long been a symbol of purity and cleanliness.
  • Light reflecting colours create an illusion of space.
  • Reds, oranges and browns make a space feel warm and welcoming.
What is your Colour


OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care

Posted on October 23, 2015

OpeMed Explained

We are delighted to release our newest video “OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care “.

The video showcases OpeMed’s services and solutions. Follow our expert as he helps OpeMed customers choose the right equipment, ensuring carers can concentrate on giving their clients the care they deserve.


Disabled Changing Room for Leisure Centres

Posted on July 2, 2014

Swindon Leisure Centres Installs Custom Disabled Changing Room

OpeMed install Disabled Changing Room in one of the largest Leisure Centres in Swindon; The Link offers the residents of Swindon and surrounding areas many sporting facilities including an Ice Rink, Swimming Pool and Sports Hall.

leisure centre ceiling hoists

ceiling hoist and changing table swindon leisure centreOpeMed were utilised for our expertise in disabled lifting equipment to advise and asses a custom designed facility to accommodate the rise in disabled users through a Disabled Changing Room.



Public Accessibility for Disabled Users

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UK Tourist Attractions Not Considering Public Accessibility for Disabled Users

Many of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions are falling short when it comes to accessibility, according to a new league table of the UK’s top accessible tourist attractions, released by disability charity Vitalise.


sen changing room OT200 ceiling hoistceiling hoist and changing table swindon leisure centre







A survey found that 7 out of 10 people with disabilities have so little confidence in accessibility claims that they would rather not bother trying to visit tourist attractions at all, a survey has revealed. However, Vitalise’s survey has also highlighted an apparent disconnect between the accessibility claims of UK venues and the actual experiences of the people with disabilities who visit them.


An astonishing 65% of disabled people have decided against visiting a tourist attraction because the found their accessibility information to be insufficient, confusing or difficult to obtain. 56% said they found tourist attraction’s accessibility claims to be exaggerated.

For the full survey report, please view our downloadable White Paper



Gibraltar Floating Bathing Pavilion

Posted on June 4, 2014

gibraltar bathing pavilionOpeMed have been invited to work with a large construction team in Gibraltar as part of a £4.4m investment in a euro floating bathing pavilion by the government.


Marinetek, the Finnish company responsible for the regeneration of Westview park and current GASA swimming pool have an existing wide portfolio of projects including over 2,000 marina references such as “The Palm” in Dubai and have presence in over 35 countries worldwide.




gibraltar planThe contract with the government is aiming to “create new jobs” and “boost public access to the shoreline” as well as reinforcing the importance of a healthy lifestyle. These objectives will be met by the recreational plans for what has been named “The Gigantic Floating Bathing Pavillion” consisting of: 4 swimming pools, play parks, exercise parks and a climbing wall.


OpeMed’s part in this regeneration is notable for disabled members of the public in particular. Our remit falls within the complementary water front as an accessible disabled friendly toilet and changing area for the public.


Ready in time for the summer 2014 opening of this bathing pavilion, OpeMed are supplying an OT200 Ceiling Hoist, Height Adjustable Changing Table and Height Adjustable Sink.


Disabled Friendly Leisure Centre

Posted on June 2, 2014

Following a recent trend of disabled friendly leisure centres, a Hampshire based leisure centre has now called OpeMed in to transform the disabled changing room.


photo 2Leisure Centre in Surreychanging table











We have installed an OT200 Ceiling Hoist and Height Adjustable Changing Table into the disabled changing area. The leisure centre recognised that there was a growing need to accommodate a larger, well thought out space for disabled users and carers.


Solutions for an Unsupported Ceiling

Posted on May 15, 2014

More often than not, OpeMed are asked to recommend equipment for properties with unusual shaped rooms, low or high ceilings or uneven floors for example.


DSC00631 DSC00637 DSC00632


In a recent case, OpeMed were called in to suggest the best solution for a client needing a ceiling hoist and H frame system for their bedroom. The room was part of an extension to an existing property and was required for full room coverage hoisting from bed to changing surface. Unfortunately, the ceilings of the room were not ideal for fixing to due to height restriction and roof trusses that could not support a ceiling hoist.


Lift and Lock Changing Table

Posted on May 13, 2014

Commonly installed in multi-user environments, the lift and lock changing table is manually height adjustable and can be stored upright within 180mm of the wall. The changing table can be adjusted to suit different heights of carer and is ideal for transferring onto via overhead hoisting systems, reducing transfers and the risk of secondary or frontline back injury.


DSC00686 DSC00685 DSC00688


The above images demonstrate the lift and lock changing table in-situ with the guard in the upright and downwards position at a school in Worcestershire. The unit was an ideal solution for the school as it offers a space saving platform for changing children of different sizes and provides a safety guard to prevent more mobile children from climbing out or falling off.

As an alternative and inexpensive option to an electrically operated unit, the lift and lock changing table offers popular features such as incremental lengths of bench from 1200mm to 1900mm, rustproof stainless steel frame, guard and bumper options and a choice of removable mattress.

Paralympics: Changing Perceptions?

Posted on March 11, 2014

Will the recent success of the GB Super G Ski Gold from Kelly Gallagher help to raise awareness for Disability in sport and highlight her achievements as a beacon to follow?


In light of the successes achieved in the current Winter Olympics and Paralympics it is hoped that the desire to engage people with disabilities to inspire involvement in sports (extreme or not) will increase. We are proud to be associated with charities such as Mencap who are actively supporting disabled people in the community.

As seen in our recent Case Study we are now installing Ceiling Hoists into RDA Disabled Riding Clubs all over the UK proving where accessibility equipment can be surprisingly handy in sports!

Check out some great websites for disabled sports fans and sportsmen too: