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OpeMed Assisted Baths to Grant Make-A-Wish Foundation Wishes

Posted on September 7, 2018

Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! OpeMed Assisted Baths to Grant Make-A-Wish Foundation Wishes

Make-A-Wish is a very special foundation with a global reach, so the likelihood is you’ve heard of them before.

What could make a child happier than their ultimate wish being granted, made a reality for a day? With this ethos always at the forefront, Make-A-Wish offers not only once-in-a-lifetime experiences to brighten lives but also a welcome and well-deserved reprieve from the reality of living with a critical illness.


SurveyPlan – Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018

Posted on August 8, 2018

SurveyPlan – Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018

OpeMed’s SurveyPlan is a floor plan creation app that allows us to create dimensioned floor plans without actively measuring or drawing. With its Augmented Reality technology, we can capture spaces quickly and create simple layout designs to support your project.

Add to that the bank of OpeMed equipment and parts – your OpeMed Product Specialist can plan your Ceiling Hoist and assisted bathroom layouts in a matter of minutes.

SurveyPlan - Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018


Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury

Posted on August 3, 2018

Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury for OpeMed customers.

Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury for OpeMed customers.

A recent incident in a UK Care Home involving a resident …’dangling from a hoist after the sling slipped from its hooks…’ culminated in a fatality. A tragic accident and an avoidable occurrence that gives us all in this industry reason for inward reflection on the most important features of a Ceiling Hoist – Safety and Security.

As Hoist Manufacturers, it is with the crucial ‘bigger picture’ view that we can analyse situations of this type and apply knowledge gleaned from years in the industry to help prevent a repeat of such accidents. Specifically, in this case, those involving Hoist spreader bars and secure sling attachment.

Striving for Improvement; How Redefining Hoist Design Is Preventing Accidents and Injury for OpeMed customers.


OpeMed Revitalise Bathing Equipment at Julia’s House Dorset

Posted on April 6, 2018

OpeMed Re-design and Revitalise Assisted Bathing Equipment at Julia’s House Dorset.

This time last year we were thrilled to be involved in re-development of Julia’s House Hospice in Devizes who offer respite for families and their children. The high profile project was supported by an array of A-List celebrities and was a cause close to many peoples hearts and we were proud to have been able to fit out the facility with our state-of-the-art equipment, from HoistsCeiling TrackAssisted Baths, Height and Horizontal Adjustable Washbasins to Adjustable Grab RailsClick here to read more about our project in Devizes.

This year we have been delighted to support Julia’s House Hospice once again in another of their facilities – this time located in Dorset.

OpeMed Re-design and Revitalise Assisted Bathing Equipment at Julia’s House Dorset


Doc Martin Actor joins OpeMed for Julia’s House Grand Opening

Posted on May 8, 2017

OpeMed were delighted and proud to attend the official opening with TV Actor, Martin Clunes at Julia’s House Hospice, Devizes – Wiltshire, this weekend. As featured on BBC Wiltshire and with many notable attendees, Julia’s House is an award-winning children’s hospice charity dedicated to bringing comfort and care to families through exceptional facilities and staff.

This high profile hospice has been supported by Guy Ritchie, David Beckham, Robert Downey Jr. as well as many other celebrities and has become a cause close to many peoples hearts. We are proud to have been able to fit out the facility with our state-of-the-art equipment, from hoists, Ceiling Track, Assisted Baths, Height and Horizontal Adjustable Washbasins to Adjustable Grab Rails.


Doc Martin Actor joins OpeMed for Julia

OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care

Posted on October 23, 2015

OpeMed Explained

We are delighted to release our newest video “OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care “.

The video showcases OpeMed’s services and solutions. Follow our expert as he helps OpeMed customers choose the right equipment, ensuring carers can concentrate on giving their clients the care they deserve.


Patient Transfer System In Action

Posted on February 11, 2015

The Betty Transfer System

In a recent installation for live in or temporary day care, after-school care and outpatient care to children, adolescents and adults with physical disabilities, multiple disabilities or acquired brain injury. The 34-year-old user Martijn Fishermen lives partly at the centre and has recently received the help of our patient transfer system ‘Betty’ for his room.

A Betty patient transfer system is used when a care recipient no longer can get out of bed without help. With Betty, the care recipient itself able to perform to position the act of lying. The care recipient does not need to be supervised when in or out of bed by a healthcare professional. The tool takes a part of the act. “As a result of brain damage from lack of oxygen at birth, I became disabled” says Martijn who is very open. Martijn makes it immediately clear that he is dependent of living in an institution and using assistive tools. He lives partly at home with his mother and some days he lives independently within the centre. “At home I have some changes and I can look after myself, this equipment is all in preparation for the future. ”

the betty patient transfer system


Residential Care Accessible Rooms

Posted on July 1, 2014

OpeMed Create Accessible Rooms with Hoists for Somerset Residents

OpeMed have been involved in the brand new purpose built residential care home featuring 25 accessible rooms with overhead hoists in Somerset, South West England. Opening in Summer 2014, the brand new care home features 55 bedrooms for a multitude of care services.


Somerset ceiling hoists

OpeMed have worked with the design and architecture teams to create practical overhead hoist (also known as ceiling hoist) solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms and specialist bariatric suites by installing award winning OT200 Ceiling Hoists.


Ceiling Hoist Multi-Room Access

Posted on June 26, 2014

Fitting Ceiling Hoist Multi-Room Access

As part of our unique support offering to customers, we aim to ensure that we can create a practical solution for your ceiling hoist and ceiling tracking in any multi-room environment. Our ceiling hoist solutions are guaranteed to offer our customers increased flexibility, reduced transfers, safety and a smooth ride.

The design team at OpeMed can design multi-room hoisting to suit your project via a number of methods:

– OpeMed can supply and fit portable hoists, transferrable from room to room via simple hook and fixed track

– OpeMed can create ceiling hoist track which traverses through the door header into the en-suite/bedroom using a variety of different methods. The best solution is where the track forms part of the door header, and a taller than normal door is used so when the door is shut there is no gap for light or noise to transfer through from room to room. If this is not possible then a cutout can be made between the top of the door and the ceiling.

– OpeMed can design a gate system which enables multi-room access with no additional transfer required

Room to room hoist system

When a door header cannot be removed our Portable system can transfer under the door header

ceiling hoist track and door header

If special height doors cannot be used, the other option is for a small opening between the door header and the ceiling

ceiling track room to room

The ideal solution is for the track to form part of the door header, then when the door is shut there is no light or noise pollution

ceiling hoist solution bedroom to ensuite

If a gap above the standard door is chosen this is often the most cost effective method










Install a Patient Hoist into Any Room

Posted on June 10, 2014

Hoisting in the most awkward of spaces or strange room layout?

OpeMed can install a patient hoist into any room…

ceiling track hoist solution

As specialists in Ceiling Hoists for Nursing Homes to Domestic or Hospital environments, OpeMed have great exposure to a wide range of room types and sizes.

It is not often straight forward to install Ceiling Hoists and Patient Hygiene Equipment into the desired location- but by no means impossible! This is where our years of experience and expertise in the technicalities of installing hoisting equipment are apparent.

OpeMed custom design a CAD solution for any shape of room and for any budget. We can manufacture any length or curve tracking and we are able to assign ceiling or wall posts to fit into awkward or small spaces.




Solutions for an Unsupported Ceiling

Posted on May 15, 2014

More often than not, OpeMed are asked to recommend equipment for properties with unusual shaped rooms, low or high ceilings or uneven floors for example.


DSC00631 DSC00637 DSC00632


In a recent case, OpeMed were called in to suggest the best solution for a client needing a ceiling hoist and H frame system for their bedroom. The room was part of an extension to an existing property and was required for full room coverage hoisting from bed to changing surface. Unfortunately, the ceilings of the room were not ideal for fixing to due to height restriction and roof trusses that could not support a ceiling hoist.


Height Adjustable Baths Video

Posted on March 20, 2014

View our brand new infographic video on Height Adjustable Baths. Learn about the range of baths on the market and what features are offered. We have a bath for almost any user from low to high dependency and theraputic to space saving.

View our new video and please comment, like a share.


Designing for Dementia

Posted on March 12, 2014

A key focus in modern European Architecture for Care and Nursing Homes is person-centred dementia care and how this is addressed by the built environment to include Cognitive Ability, Social Ability and Physical Ability.
Whitepaper img

A key aspect of designing for a cognitive impairment like dementia is to build on the strengths that residents still have. Design should not just aim to support residents’ disabilities, but utilise their remaining abilities. There are a number of ways in which this can be done.

To download our free White Paper on “Designing for Dementia” please click below:

OpeMed White Paper Design for Dementia