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A Brighter Vue for Film-Goers Future

Posted on December 3, 2018

A Brighter Vue for Film-Goers Future; First Changing Places Toilet in Dedicated UK Cinema

A trip to the cinema; the cornerstone of any date-night, child’s birthday party and the balm for boredom during the long summer holidays. Often combined with restaurants, fast-food, shopping malls and bowling, they are the pumping ventricles of evening and weekend activity in town centres.

Being able to see the latest Pixar film in all its 3D glory, J.K Rowling’s newest Fantastic Beasts movie offering with immersive surround sound or Robin Hood on 30ft of explosive screen is a fantastic experience for children and adults alike. Able-bodied or disabled, it’s always a joy to share the age-old art of film on the big screen, however for those disabled cinema-goers with additional requirements, it’s not always possible without the right toileting facilities.

A Brighter Vue for Film-Goers Future


Dispelling the whispers; Discover how Changing Places can be cost effective

Posted on October 12, 2018

Changing Places Toilets can change lives; allowing access to places most of us take for granted and offering dignity and basic human rights to some of the most vulnerable people.

With Ceiling Hoist systems and electrically height adjustable equipment, such as the adult sized Changing Table and often a Washbasin, they are surely an expensive enterprise. Speaking with Industry Specialists, it is clear that rumours of the staggering costs – some believe around £40,000 – have given rise to hesitation to commit to such a project. And although you can’t put a price on the freedom, safety and dignity that a Changing Places toilet affords a disabled person and their family, the money still needs to be found.


SurveyPlan Success as Irish Dealers Roll-Out App

Posted on September 27, 2018

As part of the rollout of our industry-leading Ceiling Hoist Layout software ‘SurveyPlan‘, OpeMed’s exclusive Southern Irish dealer, MMS Medical, has become the latest to launch this brand new system. MMS has deployed this state-of-the-art technology to all their field and office based sales representatives, enabling them to more efficiently provide Ceiling Hoist solutions to Homecare, Schools, Nursing Homes and Hospitals across the Republic of Ireland.

SurveyPlan Success as Irish Dealers Roll-Out App


SurveyPlan – Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018

Posted on August 8, 2018

SurveyPlan – Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018

OpeMed’s SurveyPlan is a floor plan creation app that allows us to create dimensioned floor plans without actively measuring or drawing. With its Augmented Reality technology, we can capture spaces quickly and create simple layout designs to support your project.

Add to that the bank of OpeMed equipment and parts – your OpeMed Product Specialist can plan your Ceiling Hoist and assisted bathroom layouts in a matter of minutes.

SurveyPlan - Demonstrating the Best Solutions for Transfer and Care 2018


Moving the Focus Back onto Learning

Posted on June 26, 2018

Moving the Focus Back onto Learning; The Importance of Hoisting & Specialist Equipment in Schools

It’s that time of year again, the end of the glorious British summertime! Which means, of course, the countdown to a whole year of new students enrolling.

As exciting a time as this is, with new students comes the potential for before un-encountered needs to be met. It is estimated that around 7% of children are disabled and a significant number of children have both Special Educational Needs and a disability. Most children with SEN and disabilities are educated in mainstream schools.

Moving the Focus Back onto Learning


Thinking Outside the Box; Modular Changing Places Solutions

Posted on March 5, 2018

Many reservations for installing Changing Places facilities surround limitations in space, particularly in historical and completed buildings. Maintaining focus on purely internal adaptations can really limit what is possible and even halt such a project all together.

Thinking Outside the Box

But when we think a little outside the box, the solution becomes obvious – taking Changing Places literally outside! Installing Changing Places in pre-fabricated modular units can be, and has been, a fantastic means including Changing Places toilets in places where there isn’t a suitable space to install one inside of a building. It also provides the benefits of minimising any disruption to the existing buildings, as the installation of equipment is completed off-site; our modular facilities are delivered and lifted into position fully finished.

Thinking Outside the Box; Modular Changing Places Solutions


OpeMed Brand New ‘Design and Approach to Installing Changing Places’ Guide

Posted on February 21, 2018

The updated BS8300:2018 is now in place.  The British Standard takes the form of guidance and recommendations, and this particular iteration refers directly to Changing Places toilets and what is required to create a fully compliant facility.

Of course, nobody wants to be caught out where the standard has introduced new changes, but reading through can be a time-consuming process. As Co-Sponsors of the Changing Places campaign, we amalgamated the new BS8300 recommendations with the Changing Places Guide and our knowledge as suppliers and installers to create a new ‘Design and Approach to Installing Changing Places’ Guide.

Design and Approach to Installing Changing Places


Changing Places Toilet for Tesco Calne in Wiltshire

Posted on January 16, 2018

OpeMed has partnered with Tesco once again for the installation of a new Changing Places toilet. Following the success of the facilities supplied and installed into the Milton Keynes and Slough stores, a fully compliant Changing Places toilet for Tesco was included in the new Calne store in Wiltshire.

Fitted out with OpeMed’s OT200 Ceiling Hoist, the Mobile Mona Height Adjustable Changing Table and Mobile Privacy Screen as well as other accessories, the toilet was ready to accommodate fully any disabled customers who required a Hoist and Changing Bench or a bit of extra space to use the loo, by opening day.

Changing Places Toilet for Tesco Calne in Wiltshire


What is your colour?

Posted on October 11, 2017

What is your colour? For many years’ artists, scientists and researchers have been interested in the psychology of colour. They found that colour can have a profound effect on the human mind and emotions; evoking memory, affecting mood and influencing behaviour.

  • Cool colours create a sense of calm
  • Yellow is a subtly optimistic, happy colour.
  • White has long been a symbol of purity and cleanliness.
  • Light reflecting colours create an illusion of space.
  • Reds, oranges and browns make a space feel warm and welcoming.
What is your Colour


Welcome Break to install more Changing Places

Posted on February 29, 2016

OpeMed (Aveso) set to provide the next wave of Changing Places facilities at Welcome Break Services.

We are delighted that Welcome Break are to install more Changing Places across the country and with Gordano Services (M5) marking the first of the next wave installed and registered.

The Changing Places campaign is designed to provide confidence through ensuring a set of standards on space and equipment within a Changing Places facility. This means the disabled community can travel knowingly assured that the vital equipment they require will be available for use.

Welcome Break to install three more Changing Places

OpeMed Install into National Trust

Posted on February 26, 2016

This week OpeMed had the pleasure of recently installing and opening the very first Changing Places at a National Trust venue in England.

Following numerous meetings with the National Trust and OpeMed team, Attingham Park in Shropshire became the first property to review all aspects of their accessibility and incorporate a full Changing Places toilet facility for their disabled visitors and their families.

National Trust - Attingham Park


OpeMed Install Welcome Break Changing Places

Posted on January 11, 2016

Three new Changing Places installed at Motorway Services

Over the last few months OpeMed have been working alongside Welcome Break Motorway Services to provide and install the first three Changing Places toilets with more to come across the UK.

The facilities; South Mimms [M25], Hopwood Park [M42] and Membury West [M4] are now open and ready for public use and can be found on the Changing Places map alongside images, description and services available.

OpeMed Install Welcome Break Changing Places

OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care

Posted on October 23, 2015

OpeMed Explained

We are delighted to release our newest video “OpeMed Explained – Our Solutions for Transfer and Care “.

The video showcases OpeMed’s services and solutions. Follow our expert as he helps OpeMed customers choose the right equipment, ensuring carers can concentrate on giving their clients the care they deserve.


Access for All Conference

Posted on March 12, 2015

visit england access for all conference

‘Unlocking the Purple Pound’ with Visit England

OpeMed Gets Behind English Tourism Week

As proud sponsors of the Changing Places Campaign, we are witness to an incredible growth in awareness for disability and accessibility. Visit England and Disabled Go have acknowledged the power of disability awareness and accessibility in public places in various reports over the years, and most recently Visit England have released the ‘Purple Pound Report’ which has researched and measured the volume and value of accessible tourism in England.

Some key facts from the report…

“£12.4BN is spent on trips where a member of the party has an impairment”

“£9.4BN is the amount spent on day trips by this sector” 

“271 million is the amount of trips taken by this sector”


Flat Spaces Accessible Holiday Home Build

Posted on February 24, 2015

flat spaces accessible homes build
Flat Spaces Build is Underway for New Accessible Holiday Home

As previously mentioned in a blog post, OpeMed are proudly working with Flat Spaces as the main supplier of wet room and bedroom hoisting, showering and changing equipment.

Flat Spaces aim to build and install fully accessible holiday homes for rental as there is a distinct lack of this provision in the UK. The project, founded by Tom Yendell has been a passion for many years and he aims for over night stays to become a relaxing and stress free experience as you would expect from a holiday. The Flat Space vision is to have at least one bungalow in every country, as well as expanding overseas. A rigorous method of setting and maintaining standards is being developed, and all those involved in servicing the bungalows will have a period of training. It is the Flat Space intention to work with the local community surrounding each Flat Space bungalow, and to employ local people and services.


Changing Places Conference 2015 Press Release

Posted on February 11, 2015

Press Release: Changing Places and Official Sponsor Aveso Arrange Premier Campaigner Day at Prestigious Proact Stadium

Following on from another highly successful year for Changing Places, there are now over 700 Changing Places registered in the UK which include major Airports, Premiership Football Clubs, Supermarkets and Hospitals as well as a range of Changing Places successes overseas in the USA and Australia.

Changing Places are an essential facility for users with profound and multiple learning difficulties and their carers where a standard accessible toilet does not provide the correct equipment required by the user. A Changing Places toilet (if compliant with BS8300:2009) is fitted with a Hoist, Changing Bench, Peninsular Toilet, Grab Rails and a Wash Basin as well as enough space for turning and carers. Changing Places make a substantial difference to thousands of people’s lives each day by offering the correct facilities for changing and toileting to enable more people the opportunity to plan days out and use a safe and reliable facility.


Why Height Adjustable Changing Tables?

Posted on January 29, 2015

Decision Based On Height Adjustable Changing Table?

As a leading supplier of height adjustable changing tables, OpeMed have a wide range of experience when it comes to choosing the right changing surface. We often find that the type of height adjustable changing table will vary from user to user depending primarily upon their individual needs such as head or leg support and type of hoisting or transfer method they prefer for example. Many other factors need to be taking into consideration including space allowance, multiple or single user status and budget allowances.