CASE STUDY: Grand Design Home Creates Sanctuary for Devizes Family

The beautiful new home in Devizes, built from their own specialist design, is the family’s pride and joy and certainly with good reason. A labour of love constituting of aesthetic clean interiors and unique reclaimed oak frame, the purpose-built, open-plan, accessible home is also totally designed around their daughter.

Through various avenues of DFG and private funding, the family have been able to construct a dream country home with their daughter’s needs at the forefront of considerations.

Specialist Equipment

Working with OpeMed following a recommendation from a previous project, the process was streamlined by minimising suppliers. OpeMed supplied and installed the multi-room Ceiling Track systems with the OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist, the wall mounted fixed height Changing Table, the Liberty  V3 Through-Floor Lift and the Avero Height Adjustable Bath with Neatfold and hydrotherapy features.

Family House to Family Home

The consequence of such provision for their daughter’s needs right now, but also for her future, will be peace of mind for her parents and a better quality of life for their daughter. The inclusion of full room covering XY (H) Hoist Systems downstairs, Through Floor Lift to access the upstairs with multi-room Hoist Systems to the accessible bathroom ensures that no area of the house is off limits to her, which makes the accessible house a true home for the whole family.


What is also abundantly clear with this project, is that the equipment blends seamlessly into the beautiful country style building. Aesthetics were maintained with flush tracking to keep the Ceiling Hoist system as close to the ceiling as possible, ceiling track that blends from room to room with through-door header detailing, changing stretchers that fit neatly over a bath to save space and the compact bodied OT200 Ceiling Hoist.

With such attention to detail, this accessible family home will ensure the family is well set for the future.

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