Working with Attractions for Greater Accessibility

The Changing Places campaign is designed to encourage public facilities to provide vital accessible toilets that people of varying abilities that cannot use standard accessible toilets could use. This includes people with profound learning disabilities, their carers, as well as other disabled people.

At OpeMed, we understand that installing a Changing Places facility can often be a daunting task for business who may not have a lot of space to offer. As the official sponsors of the Changing Places campaign, we have years of expertise and experience to ensure we can guide you through to process ensuring your facility can be fully Changing Places compliant.

The inclusion of these provisions provides the facility with the right space and equipment offer users and carers the confidence away from their homes. This can then unlock disabled customers and provide businesses with a new source of revenue and customer base.

One such project was Colchester Zoo who we worked with to provide guidance and support to help them achieve a fully compliant Changing Places facility. To read the full Case Study, click below:

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