Shower Trolley and Ceiling Hoist – Worcestershire

Installation of a Shower Trolley and Overhead Hoist System

OT200 Ceiling Hoist and H System in combination with OpeMed’s height adjustable OpeSpray Shower Trolley has been installed as a moving and handling solution into an extension in Worcestershire, UK. The client was keen for the new extension to cause minimum disruption to their design, and for the ceiling hoist to blend in as much as possible, this is where the compact design of the white motor and track from OpeMed excelled.

The combination of a shower trolley with a ceiling hoist allows bedside shallow bathing when the user is having a “bad day” or showering in the bathroom on a “good day” Fully transportable and can be used for shallow bathing, showering or simple changing.

The OpeMed shower trolley is available in 3 different lengths (1600, 1900, 2100mm), and due to the mechanism being off-centre, can be positioned over the bed for easy transfer on or off. They can all be tilted in either direction if the patient would rather not be completely flat for bathing or showering. All models come with a wedge pillow and drainage at both ends.

shower trolleyshower trolley

The H system covered all of the bedroom. The facility to use the OT200 even when the tape is at an angle meant every corner of the room was covered in case of a fall.

The discreet wall brackets allowed a simple and clean install for the H system, even with the vaulted ceiling. The OpeMed shower trolley with the fold up/down sides was narrow enough to be pushed through the normal sized door.



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