OpeMed OT200 Opens the Gate to Gait Training at Dorset Orthopaedics

We install Ceiling Hoists into many environments, from Schools to Nursing Homes to Physiotherapy Centres. Each installation is carefully designed and installed to ensure the best solution for the transfer and care needs of the users within the given environment.

When approached by Dorset Orthopaedics we were excited about the prospect of another opportunity to install our OT200 Compact Ceiling Hoist into a Physiotherapy Gait Training room.

The OT200 is an ideal solution that when used in conjunction with our range of Walking Harnesses provides a fully supportive system for patients to depend upon. The hoist will bear the weight of the user and allow therapists to gradually reduce the dependancy upon the hoist by slowly lowering the spreader bar.

As manufacturers we are always able to arrange bespoke solutions where necessary and our Product Specialists will work tirelessly to produce recommended solutions that meet the needs of both the users and the practitioners as was demonstrated in this particular project. Click below to find out more:

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OpeMed OT200 Opens the Gate to Gait Training at Dorset Orthopaedics - Download
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