Leisure Centre Lifting Equipment – New Forest

A Leisure Centre located in the New Forest are now proudly using their new lifting equipment for disabled changing area located next to the swimming pool. After a detailed consultation and CAD drawings, OpeMed and the team established that an OT200 Ceiling Hoist and Nursing Bench 3000 would be the ideal solutions.

lifting equipment for disabledlifting equipment for disabled

To meet the accessibility standards, the Leisure Centre now use:
• XY OT200 Ceiling Hoist System with auto charging
• Powered Nursing Bench 3000
• ‘Swinging’ Telescopic Shower Rail
The equipment is situated in the poolside disabled toilet and changing
area which offers a spacious solution for easy poolside access.





Powered Bench

The Powered OpeMed Nursing Bench 3000 comes with an extendable safety guard, water collection tray, adjustable neck support and optional splash curtain. (Other
models are also available). This unit can be powered upwards and downwards via the hand control and offers the user an easy and independent way of changing themselves.

Ceiling Hoist
The Ceiling Hoist System charges itself whenever it is in use, so that down time is never a problem; this reduces running costs by up to 25%. An XY system such as this is often used in bathrooms where full room coverage is required for many points such as toileting, washing and drying. The system can notably be used either manually or via the hand control system depending on the amount of support required by the client.


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