SEN School – London

In partnership with Wates Construction and London Borough of Redbridge, OpeMed completed a new lifting equipment for disabled children project including 15 ceiling hoist systems and 12 shower trolleys to the new leading SEN school in London.


lifting equipment for disabledlifting equipment for disabledlifting equipment for disabled

Lifting Equipment for Disabled SEN Pupils

The client opted for H systems to give total room coverage. As the OT200 charges itself whenever in use, down-time is never an option and reduces running costs by upto 25%.


Due to airborne chlorine, swimming pools are notoriously harsh climates for any equipment, however the OT200 is particularly suited for swimming pool use with marine grade stainless steel fixings, coated electronics and our easy-service programme.


The OpeMed shower trolley is available in 3 different lengths (1600, 1900, 2100mm), and due to the mechanism being offcentre, can be positioned over the bed for easy transfer on or off. The sides fold up for easy negotiation of tight corridors or they can be left in place.


The shower trolleys can all be tilted in either direction if the patient would rather not be completely flat, can be used for changing, showering, shallow bathing right through to postural drainage.


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