Legoland Portable Hoist – Windsor

The Legoland Hotel in Windsor have installed 2 OpeMed Portable Hoist Systems into 2 of the 14 accessible bedrooms. OpeMed provided a full CAD specification and product recommendation for the Portable Hoist project to ensure the room was as flexible and user friendly.

Portable HoistPortable Hoist

Portable Hoist Systems in Hotel Suites

The Portable Hoist units are installed in The Standard Kingdom and The Standard Adventure rooms in the hotel, which also feature a zip and link bed and wheelchair access forming 2 of the 14 accessible rooms.

The Portable Ceiling Hoist is ideal for occasional use or for multiple rooms need to be covered on a limited budget. Our Portable Ceiling Hoist can be used on an OpeMed track or your existing ceiling track or a gantry track system.


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