Childrens Hospice Ceiling Hoist – Netherlands

This new Children’s Hospice with Ceiling Hoist Project has 12 rooms allowing for an additional 30 children per year to be cared for in this high profile unique establishment.

Ceiling Hoists (also known as Overhead Hoists) are an integral part of the design and are throughout the new building, transferring by overhead hoist from the bedroom through to the bathroom and living areas. All Ceiling Hoists in this Childrens Hospice Project have the 4 point cradle and the design involves Ceiling Hoist turntables and connections through the door headers.

childs bathroom in childrens hospice

Specialist paediatric slings were provided for all the rooms and a care package to ensure peace of mind. The unique OpeMed cradle helps reduce the risk of fitting and ensures a comfortable and safe transfer.

The Ceiling Hoist rail or track was embedded into the ceiling for maximum aesthetics and in this new building where light is an important part of the design. Our Ceiling Hoist was chosen due to its unique self-charging and no-tools emergency lower as well as our flexible cradle.

OpeMed specialise in Patient Transfer Equipment for the Hospice environment; liaising directly with the Builder, Architect and Client to ensure the patient hoist equipment is relevant, within budget and aesthetically pleasing. We install Ceiling Hoists, Assisted Baths, Shower Trolleys and Changing Tables throughout the UK, Europe, Asia and the Middle East directly or through established partners. Our products are put into Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Hospices, Domestic Environments and Schools.

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