Homecare Adaptation – Lincolnshire

For this homecare adaptation project OpeMed worked closely with the building team at Carmalor, a leading regional construction company. The new-build adaptation features 6,000 square ft. of space to accommodate 5 bedrooms, carer’s quarters and a hydrotherapy pool.

The rooms are designed to meet the specialist and individual needs of the disabled child as well as to suit the family in their home. Designed completely to meet the needs of the user and family; this detached bungalow has been built to accommodate for wheelchair turning space and transferring as well as increase quality of life for the user and carers.

The H systems fitted in the homecare adaptation have been designed for minimum transfer time and maximum comfort and safety for the user and carer.

The discreet tracking will provide the family with full room coverage for showering, toileting, bathing and transferring.

The OpeMed technical team works with architects, engineers, occupational therapists and parents to better understand the objectives and limitations of a project to ensure a good result within budget.

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