H Ceiling Hoist System with Gate – London

The OpeMed H Ceiling Hoist System In-Situ

The OpeMed H Ceiling Hoist System is simple to use, safe and a quick way of driving the hoist from a bedroom to en-suite bathroom or similar. The OpeMed track system with its white, compact design blends into the environment and is ideal for bedrooms and bathrooms. It is the only ceiling hoist that charges itself whenever it is used, giving over 150 lifts per charge, lower running costs and the confidence it will always be ready.

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An H ceiling hoist system (or XY system) allows full room coverage and is often used in bathrooms, gyms, play rooms or bedrooms where full access is required. The automatic gate system that allows the moving rail on the H ceiling hoist system to connect to another room. It is operated automatically without the carer having to leave the patient’s side to press any buttons etc. The ideal solution for passing through doors is for the door frame to be built around the track and a specified height door to be used. This means there is no light or noise pollution when the door is shut.


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