Residential Centre Ceiling Hoist System – Bromley

The Residential Centre Ceiling Hoist and Assisted Bath Project

In partnership with Bromley Primary Care Trust and Cablesheer Construction, OpeMed installed 13 multi-room ceiling hoist systems, 6 height adjustable baths, 2 bathing hoists and 2 shower trolleys.


Assisted Bathroom with OpeMed hi-lo bath, ceiling hoist Height Adjustable Assisted Bath

The client chose connecting systems using the unique OpeMed gate and turntable, enabling hoisting from the bed to bathroom and critically to the correct position over the bath.

The Residential Centre Ceiling Hoist gate and turntable are automatic so no manual handling or leaving the user’s side are required. As the OT200 charges itself whenever in use, down-time is never an option and reduces running costs by up to 25%.

Assisted Bathing and Showering

From the 6 baths provided, 3 models were chosen: a) OpeMed 1700 due to its small footprint, b) OpeMed Comfort bath due to its domestic styling and optional light and music systems, c) OpeMed 900 due to its large internal bathing space and integration with the bathing hoist.

The OpeMed shower trolley was chosen as it allows shallow bathing and its unique lateral overlap with the bed allows easy transfer. The shower trolleys can all be tilted in either direction if the patient would rather not be completely flat, can be used for changing, showering, shallow bathing right through to postural drainage. The OpeMed bathing hoists were specified to allow non-sling transfer from the bed into the bath for the seated patient.


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