Chesterfield FC Rehabilitation Suite – Chesterfield

OpeMed are proud to have installed a new OT200 ceiling hoist system and tracking for a specially designed for Chesterfield FC Rehabilitation Suite. The East stand also features a Changing Places style facility including a hoist, assistive toilet and changing bench for fans and pubic to use.

chesterfield fc rehabilitation suiteThe Chesterfield FC Rehabilitation Suite

The rehabilitation suite installed in 2013 and situated in the club’s East Stand, offers a unique opportunity (one of the only in the UK) for the general public to make use of it. The hydrotherapy pool is fitted with an underwater treadmill, which is primarily used by players for rehabilitation, but also available to disabled members of the public.


The pool system is designed to exercise leg muscles in a non-weight bearing environment, aimed at building up core leg muscles and improve posture. Combined with the ceiling hoist, the room also enables a full transfer from wheelchair into the pool in a safe and easy way. The working load for the OT200 is 200kg and is operated manually or via hand control.

Disabled Changing Facility
The East Stand also accommodates a Changing Places style facility including: a toilet with assistive grab rails, an OT200 ceiling hoist, ceiling track H frame, hydraulic shower trolley and privacy screen. The room is situated in a community friendly area of the stadium, which also accommodates for children.

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