Care Home Ceiling Hoists – Somerset

A residential care home in the South West of England has chose to install ceiling hoists throughout the bedrooms and assisted bathrooms in their brand new facility which features 25 accessible rooms. Opening in Summer 2014, the brand new care home features 55 bedrooms for a multitude of care services. OpeMed have worked with the design and architecture teams to create practical solutions for bedrooms, bathrooms and specialist bariatric suites by installing the award winning OT200 Ceiling Hoists.

A brand new residential care home in the heart of picturesque Somerset, brought in OpeMed’s experts to design and create 25 accessible rooms for its residents. The specialist care home, open in Summer 2014 replaces the previous facility as a significant update offering all necessary moving and handling facilities for residents. The new home features 55 bedrooms for a multitude of care services including day care, nursing care and end of life care.
The Ceiling Hoist Track covers the bed through to the bathroom, and the assisted bathrooms have designated H systems for total room coverage, increasing the comfort, speed and efficiency of the bathing process.

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