What is Case Management?

As some of our bigger projects are now involving Case Management teams in the UK we have taken great care to try and understand how our equipment is being specified and used. Usually this has involved the assessment of the user’s needs based on at least one OT’s consultation plus the input of a technical team usually building a new accessible facility or adapting an existing one for the family. But what is Case Management and how does it impact our users and our business?


Case management is a well-established way of integrating services around the complex needs of people with long-term conditions. It is a targeted, community-based and pro-active approach that identifies individuals at high risk of hospital admission, assesses their needs, produces a personal care plan, and ensures co-ordination of that plan.

It could be suggested that case management programmes have significant potential to deliver both better care for patients and cost savings. However, to do so they must be well designed, involve appropriate and professionally trained case managers and care teams and be embedded in a wider system that supports and values integrated and co-ordinated care.


From our experience of Case Management teams in the UK, they have made detailed assessments of the user and how they can best have a good life in their home environment. This may involve hydrotherapy requirements, rehabilitation equipment or accessibility throughout a house via total coverage ceiling tracking. This makes the process of working with Case Managers or OT’s from these teams not only easy but educational in terms of furthering our understanding of how users needs can be aided by our equipment.


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Download full Kingsfund Case Management White Paper here