Capture Rooms with SurveyPlan

Capture Rooms with SurveyPlan; build site surveys and Ceiling Hoist plans in seconds.

Being in the business of regularly creating and working from site surveys, we have first-hand experience in just how time-consuming it can be, not to mention the margin for human error.

Our new SurveyPlan App cuts down both the time to complete a survey and the margin of error; 95% accuracy in fact. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and get the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for floor plans.

Discover Ceiling Hoist Layouts with SurveyPlan

The Capture the Room tool is just one in the arsenal that this kit can offer to simplify the process of capturing the plan and layout of the room and creating a scaled Hoist Track System to suit the needs of a client.

Augmented Reality Technology allows you to walk freely around the space using the camera on your phone, iPad or Android tablet to view the room, line up the corners of the walls with the Capture Point and capture the outline of the room.

Accurate dimensions and scaling of the entire space are calculable with the input of only one wall measurement, saving the time and effort taken to measure up a whole room.

SurveyPlan also allows you to create rooms off of existing floor plans and drawings.

The benefits for off-site application are just as quick and simple, using the camera similarly to the Capture Room tool, you can take a photo of an existing drawing or a quick sketch from site and build a floorplan directly on top of the image. From there, it’s simply a case of dragging and dropping the OpeTrack and Hoist components, as well as any other products, which will be automatically scaled as they fit into the plan.

Connect SurveyPlan to a Laser.

SurveyPlan gives you an accuracy of 95%. If you need the full 100%, connect to a laser and get the fastest and most accurate mobile drawing tool for floor plans.

SurveyPlan compatible lasers:


  • Bosch GLM 50C
  • Bosch GLM 100C


  • Stanley TLM99S

  • Stanley TLM99SI

  • Stanley GLM 100C

  • Stanley TML660


  • Stabila LD250


  • Leica D510

  • Leica E7500i
  • Leica D810

  • Leica D110

  • Leica S910

Here’s how to gain access to this exciting new tool:

Want to get SurveyPlan for your team? Here’s how:

OpeMed is offering SurveyPlan exclusively for OpeMed dealers. For a small fee per device, you can be the proud new users of an innovative way of demonstrating and surveying your OpeMed Hoist Systems. Stand out from the crowd with the ability to offer professional visualisations, get quick room captures and save your team from time-consuming hand drawings.

Available on Andriod and iOS devices.

For more information and to request your license contact us now on 01252 758 858 or email us here.

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Discover Ceiling Hoist Layouts with SurveyPlan