Public Accessibility for Disabled Users

UK Tourist Attractions Not Considering Public Accessibility for Disabled Users

Many of the nation’s most popular tourist attractions are falling short when it comes to accessibility, according to a new league table of the UK’s top accessible tourist attractions, released by disability charity Vitalise.


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A survey found that 7 out of 10 people with disabilities have so little confidence in accessibility claims that they would rather not bother trying to visit tourist attractions at all, a survey has revealed. However, Vitalise’s survey has also highlighted an apparent disconnect between the accessibility claims of UK venues and the actual experiences of the people with disabilities who visit them.


An astonishing 65% of disabled people have decided against visiting a tourist attraction because the found their accessibility information to be insufficient, confusing or difficult to obtain. 56% said they found tourist attraction’s accessibility claims to be exaggerated.

For the full survey report, please view our downloadable White Paper